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Night at the Races

An exciting night that gets everyone going!

Night at the Races

The Corporate Package

In 1994 we took the tired old 'Night At The Races' concept and brought it, screaming, into the modern corporate arena. Out went the scratchy old American dirt track races. Out went the hassle of getting Tote bookies from the audience. Out went money!

In came special races filmed mostly in the U.K. featuring courses that most racing fans will recognise. Glamour came in with our tote jockey girls to take the bets and pay out the winnings. Without fail they end up in the publicity photographs! Special 'funny money', branded with the client's logo, is used to place bets and account for the prize winners at the evening's close.

A liberal dose of humour begins with our branded race programmes, continues with our running joke competition between races and climaxes with our "Human Horse Race" over the jumps as the last race! All this is conducted with the encouragement and assistance of Tic-tac Charlie, our dubious provider of the odds.

There is ample opportunity to present spot prizes in between races by means of instant quiz questions which can be based on the client's product or service. Our M.C. controls the evening and calculates the winners.

We print the race programmes and 'funny money'. We also provide the Tote tickets, films, projector, screen and P.A. system. The entire set is rounded off with our scenery boards, fences and winning post.

We would like the client to provide some input towards making the programme particular to their company or product. We can also use all the spot prizes that can be provided as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards.

So, if you want a day at the races in Lisburn, night at the races Antrim, or a races event in Portrush, Mulsanne can offer a fun entertainment package to suit your day 'at the races' in N. Ireland.

We guarantee a fun event, particularly if the 'Human Horse race' is kept secret until just before it occurs. The whole package can sensibly cater for any number between 100 and 400 guests. For further information contact me, Donal O'Neill, at the number or e-mail below.

The Fund Raising Package

When it comes to fund raising it is important to keep costs to a minimum. Because of this we revert to a standard Night Of The Races format, still using modern, mostly British, races but allowing the client to supply programmes and bookies. We also dispense with all of the frills above and of course, real money is used.

We will give lots of advice in advance to potential clients because the real profits are made before the doors even open on a horse race night. When the race night games begin, betting profits are icing on the cake.

A race night is still a great fund raising event. Just give us a call on 028 90825235 and we will go through all of the opportunities with you.