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Corporate Casinos

A fun and unique way to bring working relationships closer

Roulette Wheel Casinos

Could your company benefit from having your customers and sales force, participating together, in an unusual and enjoyable corporate event?

If, during this event, there was a pleasant noise level and no "on stage" activity to discourage effective communications between the participants, could that lead to better customer relations?

Would you consider, as an alternative to cabaret and dancing, a form of corporate entertainment that is unusual, enjoyable and flexible yet not readily available to the general public in Ireland?

We at "MULSANNE CASINOS" organise events that provide an effective communications opportunity for clients and their staff or customers, using a casino party theme.

95% of the population have only witnessed the excitement of a casino in "James Bond" movies, but we can bring all the thrills of a real casino to your guests, in the venue of your choice!

It may be "The Board Room Casino", "The Conference Room Casino" or "The Hotel Function Room Casino", but, as far as your guests are concerned, they may as well be in Monaco or Las Vegas. The difference is, they will not be risking any of their own cash.

We will provide "Funny Money" vouchers to be given to your guests. These vouchers can be printed with your company logo, if required. Your quests use these vouchers to obtain gambling chips at the tables.

We will consult with you and advise how to achieve the objectives of your event. You may want your customers and staff simply mixing together in a stylish but fun atmosphere or you may be rewarding your sales staff by providing an opportunity for them to let their hair down at a different, exciting and extraordinary function. Whatever you require, we will do our best to make it happen.